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45 Chilean producers are participating in the online version of the Marché du Film de Cannes

More than 45 Chilean producers are participating in the online version of the Marché du Film de Cannes, the most important market of the film industry, that run until June 26th. 




>>> Films in development that address current social issues such as the battle against gender violence and the social uprising in Chile, as well as historical narratives that include the death of Víctor Jara and one of the biggest financial scandals in Chile (which will have Paulina García as protagonist) are present at the market. CinemaChile has also launched its new International Film Catalogue for 2020.


>>> With the support of ProChile, 18 of the most exciting Chilean films of recent times are available to all professionals at the Marché du Film in an exclusive virtual theater for Chilean cinema. 5 different films are being shown each day, including fiction features, documentaries, animation, and shorts, all with a unique style and presented in alliance with the sales agent or producers of the titles.


Joining thousands of professionals from around the world, Chilean producers, exactly 49 of them, will be working to expand their network during the main European film industry event of the year: the Marché du Film de Cannes. 


Of these 45 producers, 16 have the support of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage (Mincap) after being selected by the International Market Assistance Program of the Council of Art and Audiovisual Industry (CAIA), which supports the revival of the audiovisual sector after the severe crisis caused by the pandemic that is hitting the world. In addition, the entire delegation will be supported by CinemaChile, ProChile’s sector brand, which will participate one more year in the event not only to promote the work of Chileans accredited in Cannes through an intense agenda, but also to exhibit the new International Film Catalogue 2020, a publication made up of 97 films, including fiction, animation and documentary feature lengths and short films, which will be released during the next 12 months.


The Chilean presence at the virtual event is allowing producers and companies to initiate or even seal agreements that could mean the financement, co-production and continuity of audiovisual projects that have been on standby during the current pandemic. This is thanks to the Marché digital platform that includes virtual stands and pavilions, meeting spaces, market screenings, talks, conferences, speed meetings and a program dedicated to virtual reality.




Rocío Jadue from Fabula, Macarena López from Manufactura de Movies, Andrés Mardones from Altiro Films, Clara Taricco from La Forma Cine, Roberto Doveris from Niña Niño Films, Gabriela Sandoval from Storyboard Media, Florencia Larrea from Forastero, Sergio Karmy from Alto Andes Films, Nicolás San Martín from Primate Lab, Omar Zeballos from Voladores Films, Patricio Ochoa La Merced Producciones, Sebastián Moreno from Movies del Pez, Karina Jury from Atómica TV and 17 Productions, Cristóbal Almagia from Almagico Films, Mixie Araya de Yareta and Jorge Fernández de Atisbo Films are the 16 producers selected by the Mincap program to participate in this edition of the Marché du Film. Of these, seven producers – who have outstanding careers that include films released to the  international circuit – will be part of the Producers Network. For the fourth consecutive year, CinemaChile has presented five of the professionals during “Chile Under the Spotlight ”, an exclusive event for producers from all over the world to stimulate international co-productions.


This networking event, like the entire Marché du Film, is being held online through “breakfast meetings” where selected producers and important members of the  international industry are be able to share “a table”; the 5 Chileans who are being higlighted in “Chile under the spotlight” are Jadue, López, Mardones, Taricco and Doveris.


At the market, Jadu, is looking to close the financing of the new film in development by Christopher Murray (The Blind Christ), entitled Los Brujos; López, is present with the second feature film by Pepa San Martín (Rara), called La Felicidad, which is in development and in search of co-production.


Mardones, from Altiro Films, is looking to close financing for  “The strategy of the mongoose”, by Esteban Larraín (The passion of Michelangelo); Taricco, from La Forma Cine, is looking to find a sales agents for Elisa Eliash’s Fever. To round off the list, Doveris, from Niña Niño Films, is looking for co-producing partners for El Pa(de)ciente, by Constanza Fernández. 


Producers Gabriela Sandoval, Florencia Larrea, Igal Albala and Isabel Orellana are also participating in Producers Network. Sandoval, together with her partner Carlos Nuñez of Storyboard Media, are at the market with the “El Cardenal”, a co-production with Argentina, Brazil, and is about to confirm its European partner. The film is looking to have a global reach, with an international cast and a top of the line production value for Chilean film. Sandoval is also searching for coproducers for “Perhaps it is true what they say about us”, a film by Sofía Gómez and Camilo Becerra in a development stage.


Larrea and her partner in Forastero, Gregorio Gonzáles, are not only searching for sales agents for “Tengo miedo torero” (finished film with a just released trailer, starring Alfredo Castro), but they are also at the market with the co-production in development La Práctica, by the Argentine director Martín Rejtman, who will shoot for the first time outside of his native country.


Orellana, producer of Araucaria Cine, is looking for a sales agent for the art-house thriller “Immersion”, directed by Nicolás Postiglione; and Albala, from Caliber 71, will bet on a new co-producing partner to join his science fiction film “Isla Friendship”, by director David Albala, director of one of the most important recent releases of Chilean cinema: “Pacto de fuga” .



The Marché du Film allows a real coming together of key players in the industry, selecting projects with high potential in official selection. This is the case of the Italian-Chilean film “Vera de Verdad” that will be shown in the Frontieres section and whose producer is, among other associated professionals, Karina Jury of Atómica Films an her new company, 17 Producciones. “Vera de Verdad” is one of the six feature films in post-production (or recently completed) chosen for the Frontières Buyers Showcase, a platform that is showing  15 minutes of the selected films to potential buyers, sales agents and festival programmers.


Black comedies, dramas, science fiction and adventure film make up the mosaic of the renewed selection that Chilean cinema has to offer.  The producers, some with vast trajectories and others just beginning their internationalization path, will be showing the world from their homes and from virtually until June 26th, taking advantage of each instance that the Marché du Film online will offer.


Cristóbal Almagia, from Almagico Films, is participating with “Resistencia Matapacos”, while Sergio Karmy, from Alto Andes is present at the market with with “The last song”, by Jaime Villarroel, a story inspired by the death of  Víctor Jara, a singer-songwriter killed during the dictatorship. Both productions are in development and looking for financing partners.


Looking for international co-producers, Nicolás San Martín from Primate Lab, is promoting “Que se acabe todo”, a film about one of the biggest financial scandals in Chile that will be directed by Moisés Sepúlveda and star Paulina García. Omar Zeballos, from Voladores Films, will be with “Aroma”, a production that he is directing and currently writing. 


In turn, Patricio Ochoa, along with Karla Falcón, from La Merced, are participating with “Clandestine Stories”, by José María González, a film in development looking for sales agents. Sebastián Moreno from Películas del Pez, together with partner Claudia Barril, are presenting the documentary “Sergio Larraín, the eternal moment”, directed by  Moreno himself, in post-production and looking for sales agents.


Mixie Araya, from production house Yareta Producciones, is presenting Jorge Acevedo’s “Custodio, el tigre del este”, which is in the process of writing and in search of funding, as well as the animation series for children “Perrocuento”. Jorge Fernández from Atisbo Films, together with Alicia Alfaro, are looking for co-producers for “Todo sobre Ariel” (directed by Fernández). 




Another interesting addition to the Chilean presence at the market is “The Cinema Chile Screening Room”, a virtual room in which 18 of the most exciting Chilean films of recent time will be screened, including fiction and documentary features, and will be available to all professionals accredited at the Marché du Film. Five different films will be available each day, with a unique style, presented in partnership with the sales agent  and producers of each title. The program includes titles such as the award-winning documentary “Lemebel” by Joanna Reposi and the Venice premiere “Ema” by Pablo Larraín, to animations such as the acclaimed “The Wolf House” by Joaquín Cociña and Cristóbal León, and “Nahuel and the magical book” directed by Germán Acuña, selected in the official competition of Annecy. 



More than 90 films and around 100 national directors are part of the 2020 edition of the new International Film Catalogue, which will be available on the Cinemachile website. The launch of the publication is taking place, as is already the tradition, within the framework of the Marché du Film de Cannes. The new films of the catalogue, which will be released over the next 12 months, build a multi-faceted narrative about a constantly changing world, featuring work by filmmakers with extensive trajectory and also new talents. The catalogue will circulate through the main international markets and festivals, serving as a tool for the promotion and marketing of Chile’s films. 






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