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A Robert Kirkman Surprise: A New Walking Dead Story

Fans of the Walking Dead comic book, which came to a surprise end last July, are getting something unexpected next month: a new story. Robert Kirkman, the creator and writer of the series, is teaming up with the artist Charlie Adlard to present Negan Lives! — an issue that focuses on a big villain of the comic.

Kirkman is giving comic book retailers something else: The new issue will be free. In a statement, Kirkman said that it was part of his support of a #backthecomeback campaign for stores that were disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

“The retailer community does backbreaking work to get comics into the hands of our loving fans,” he said. “We should all be doing more in these trying times to show them how appreciated they are.” To further entice fans to return to comic shops, the issue will not be available in a digital format.

Negan Lives!, which arrives in stores on July 1, will give details on what has happened to the character since his last appearance.

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