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First images of the documentary ALL OF US by Pierre PIRARD


We’re happy to share the first images of the documentary ALL OF US by Pierre PIRARD. 

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A few words from the director about this ambitious documentary:

All Of Us

“In a few words, this feature documentary addresses the issue of living together in our societies. However, against the current of widely circulated narrative discourses, this documentary wants to be a source of inspiration by showing stories of women and men who, all over our world, dare to bet taking a step towards “the other”, disregarding whatever existing tensions or prejudices. Our quest took us to Senegal, from Lebanon to Indonesia, passing through the United-States, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, from where we brought back these astonishing tales, which put together, draw a multicultural and nevertheless, harmonious world. The words of Mr. Amin Maalouf, an important witness to the shocks of our civilizations, also punctuate our film. Although this film was shot before the Covid 19 crisis, we think it fits perfectly into the reflections that are emerging across our countries on how to rethink our society. Also, recent events related to the death of George Floyd show that the problem addressed by the film is timeless and universal. We are convinced that in these troubled times of confinement and deconfinement that the world is going through, viewers need films that give hope and consider “tomorrow” with a positive and lucid outlook.”



What if, far from the tensions around questions of identity and our fear of the others, we could reveal different realities? What if, we told the stories of bold citizens who reinvent family values, education, citizenship, culture, work, to be able to maintain a harmonious life between peoples of different beliefs – despite the existing difficulties and tensions? What if, these stories gleaned around the world, could show the emergence of what the multi-identity world of tomorrow might be? What if, we all take part of it ?

Produced by
Pierre PIRARD (Almolu)

Documentary / Belgium



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