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Imperial Savage introduces crime Docu-series in Development: The Pharaoh of Putnam County plus film and new media slate


The Pharaoh of Putnam County

Unscripted Docu-series in Development

“Pharaoh”follows the rise and fall of Dwight York, the charismatic leader of the United Nation of the Nuwaubian Moors. After relocating from Brooklyn to rural Georgia, York and his followers spark controversy and intrigue when they decide to build a miniature Egypt in the middle of a Putnam County field. Code violations and an FBI investigation begin to unravel the dream of a utopian society and reveal a much more sinister motivation behind the organization. “The Pharaoh of Putnam County” explores all sides of a story almost too bizarre to be believed. 





Heather Hutton, MFA – Award-winning Director, Touch & Go, artist, welder and pilot. Based out of Atlanta, GA. 

Luis Servera – Award-winning commercial and film Director and Producer, High & Tight, based out of Brooklyn, NY., former Sundance Ignite fellow. 

Corey Guevarra – Creative Director, Media manager of 25% of the original publishing rights to global music group Destiny’s Child for several years. 

Taylor Owenby – Producer of commercial action-thriller Operator, which premiered at Cannes and sold worldwide, production and distribution consultant to award-winning documentary, 120 Days: Undocumented in America



Our mission is to tell compelling stories that shift the paradigm around inclusion and diversity in content creation for a worldwide audience. With the critical support of our domestic + global partners we see an opportunity grow and uplift filmmakers with a purpose. With the Pharaoh project,  we are creating valuable IP that provokes thought and sparks a much needed conversation about race, religion and the dangers of tyranny. We are also excited to announce our scripted slate of film and new media content including thriller Afterhours ’92, horror/thriller The (Other) Me, sci-fi horror Frequencies and supernatural thriller, The Curse




at the intersection of TECH x HUMAN CONNECTION.


Introducing Imperial Savage  A global content studio + advisory firm at the intersection of tech x human connection. 

Tell Your Story. Find Your Crown. 

Introducing Imperial Savage  //  A global content studio + advisory firm at the intersection of tech x human connection. With partners in Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York City + powerful relationships across Asia, Europe, Africa and South America, we are a company built for the new normal. We produce content as diverse as our team and empower unique voices. Reach out to us to learn more about our services and projects. \

Content is King. We are Imperial

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Taylor OWENBY Executive Producer



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