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Jimmy Kimmel Slams NBC for Giving Trump His Town Hall

Welcome to Best of Late Night, a rundown of the previous night’s highlights that lets you sleep — and lets us get paid to watch comedy. We’re all stuck at home at the moment, so here are the 50 best movies on Netflix right now.

Jimmy Kimmel criticized NBC on Thursday for giving President Trump his own live town hall forum at the same time as Joe Biden’s on ABC, calling it “a very sneaky move” by the network where Mr. Trump once hosted “The Apprentice.”

“And while many are wondering why NBC would schedule this at the same time as Biden’s town hall instead of on another night, or even just in another time slot so we could see what both candidates have to say, the answer to the question is, NBC sucks,” Kimmel said.

“President Obama killed a secret Bin Laden body double and then killed SEAL Team 6 to cover it up? And then he managed to keep it all quiet for eight years? Woo! Honestly, guys, if that’s true, then I’m impressed because that sounds way harder to pull off than just killing Bin Laden.” — TREVOR NOAH, on a conspiracy theory retweeted by President Trump

“To me, the best part of this conspiracy is that at some point Obama had to hold auditions for a Bin Laden body double to kill.” — TREVOR NOAH

[As Bin Laden’s body double] Thank you so much for giving me this part. I’m so excited. So is this for a TV series? [As Obama] Actually it’s more of a one-time thing. [As body double] I also notice there’s no script. [As Obama] Yeah, we’re just going to shoot a little thing. We’ll just shoot something, see what happens.” — TREVOR NOAH

“I’ll also say if Trump loses this election, I think Twitter should hire him, because they can find out what conspiracy accounts to suspend just based on what he retweets. ‘[Imitating Trump] Wow, this tweet says Obama started Covid to distract us from his wedding to George Soros.’” — TREVOR NOAH

Ethan Hawke downloaded his career with the Bodega Boys on Thursday night’s “Desus & Mero.”

This year’s Tony nominees include the Alanis Morissette-inspired musical “Jagged Little Pill” and Jeremy O. Harris’s history-making “Slave Play.”

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