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Pet dog greets his hooman with a hug in adorable viral video. Internet hearts it

A video of a dog greeting his hooman is swiftly going viral on the internet. It has already been viewed over one lakh times.

Screenshots from video tweeted by Welcome To Nature.

Pets can change your life, and in fact, make it better. A video of a dog greeting his hooman is doing the rounds of the internet and we are sure you will agree with the aforementioned statement after watching it. Welcome To Nature, a Twitter account, posted the 11-second video and it has already been viewed over one lakh times.

In the video, a man climbed the stairs in what appears to be his residence while his pet dog waited at the gate for him. The dog sat patiently at the gate and put his paw forward upon catching a glimpse of his master. The man kissed his pet’s paw and hugged him. It is such a sweet moment.

“Legitimately the purest thing I’ve ever seen,” the caption of the video reads.

Watch the video here:

“Wish I get this kind of a welcome every day,” a user said in the comments section while several others posted heart emoticons. The clip has collected over 12,000 likes.

Another comment reads, “What a wonderful greeting.”

See the comments here:

So beautiful!

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