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“Tenet” – Film Review

by Emilia Ippolito 

After a long wait and a few delays due to the COVID-19 closure, Chris Nolan’s latest film is finally out.


Nolan’s films in particular have to be watched on a big screen- therefore the annoying delays were more than justified.


As with Inception, the plot offers futuristic potential terror scenarios and their fictional outcomes, with a few realistic hints at actual threats we might face in a hopefully remote future. Against chemical, biological weapons, sophisticated bullet-catching arms and time machines, the winning strategy will always be the same : a few brave and clever individuals devoted to life rather than death and global destruction : Tenet sees such individuals working together to avoid a third global conflict.


A nameless loyal US intelligence agent (John David Washington), his supposedly British counterpart Neil (Robert Pattinson in a new sophisticated version), and Kat- very British aristocratic lady (Elisabeth Debicky, stylish as ever), unfortunately married to Andrei Sator- a destructive Russian arm dealer (Kenneth Branagh cast again as the Russian foe: really?!?) are the protagonists of plot and intricate human relations, dehumanised by greed, money and power.


Things become complicated when the loyal and brave US agent develops a romantic interest in Kat, so infuriating the possessive and vengeful Andrei- showing off the worst of human nature when focused on money, power and greed.


Good waves of suspense keep up till the end, which maybe different from original expectations and hints: the diabolical foe’s plan to blow up the planet at his death fails… anything else would be an unjustified spoiler.


Even in a fictional scenario, we are grateful for a more optimistic end – considering current times of restrictions, that’s what we appreciate


To be honest, Inception was more challenging but also more interesting.

The much delayed Tenet could have done with better editing : 20 minutes shorter would add quality and tempo to the end product; apart from these minor details, certainly recommendable : enjoy!


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