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Time Review: Garrett Bradley’s powerful doc on the injustices that happen with mass incarcerations

TIME won best documentary at Sundance 2020

“Fox Rich fights for the release of her husband, Rob, who is serving a 60-year sentence in prison.”


Director: Garrett Bradley and  the real heroes of the Doc: Fox et Rob Rich

Interview by Emmanuel Itier

Q: What was you intention making this documentary?


Garrett: It all started with a short Documentary I had done about the world of incarceration among black women in America. I had in mind a series of conversations with a feminine angle. I was told to talk to Fox Rich who was fighting to liberate her husband Rob. I met her and the feature was born. This is a vey impactful story and I’m so happy it is now told and seen by an audience.


Fox: For us it was important to expose the horrors and injustices that happen with many incarcerations. And the devastating impact on the families involved.  We wanted to use this doc to put pressure on the system and help us free Rob. Thank God, he was freed before the end of the making of our film. Which add a very positive light in our Documentary.


Q: What was the biggest challenge making this film?


Garrett: There were so many challenges but I learned to overcome them and to grow from them. One particular big challenge was during the post production phase. Fox Rich gave me over 100 hours of personal archives and it was very difficult to go over this footage and figure out what to include in our movie. I spent hours and hours in the editing room. But it was all worth it!


Q: What impact do you hope this Doc creates?


Garrett: Tnis is the first thing I asked Fox Rich: what impact do you want to create with this movie? She replied that her story is the story of over 2,300,000 people in America as well as all their families! So we hope this movie can expose the horrors of the judicial system and educate people. I’m happy to see that the medias are now also focusing on these issues. I’m hopeful we can make a difference and keep the conversation going.


Fox: I hope people are going to remember that LOVE is a most powerful in the Universe. This is what can save us all. This is what save me and our mariage with Rob. Let’s believe in the power of Love!


Rob: I hope this movie is going to awaken you. This is a true call to action! And I’m so happy to see how people who are watching it are really understanding the message of hope. It’s also a movie that shows that sometimes by fighting and keeping the fight going, you end up: winning!


Q: Are you an optimist? Do you think we will have a future of Peace and Love?


Garrett: Yes, to believe in such a future you need to be optimist. And I’m an optimist. I think we are about to see great changes in the USA. I think this capitalist system is exhausted and something else is coming. I look at how so many people, from both side, condemn police brutalities and how we are shifting as a humanity into a more inclusive society. I have hope and I think we have a bright future ahead of us.


Fox: More than ever the world is connected with the internet. So many people can express what they feel. So many people find their voice and this help the world evolve and come together. I really think we are going into the right direction. I’m an optimist and I’m full of hope.


Rob: Yes, I’m a born optimist. Believing in hope is what helped me be here today. I believe we can overcome anything and have a more loving and peaceful future.


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