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Watch | Cinema-goers miss theatres

According to a survey, TV and streaming platforms are growing substantially in India during the COVID-19 crisis.

Movie theatres in India have been closed for almost three months now. Films are even being released on streaming services first, before the coveted theatrical release.

The survey, however, also found that 82% of cinema-goers miss the theatres.

Almost 1 out of 2 theatre-goers say they will revisit 2-3 weeks after theatres reopen.

More than content, theatre-specific measures and the COVID-19 situation will drive the decision to go to theatres.

Concern for safety is the primary barrier in going to movie theatres.

The study ‘Back to the Theatres’ was conducted online by Ormax Media Pvt. Ltd. in May. It was conducted among 1,000 regular Hindi, Tamil and Telugu cinema-goers.

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